Janel Parrish || Who’s having a better night than you?

How To Get Away With Murder || None of you beat my approach, which goes as follows …

Janel Parrish || “Julianne was just talking about what kind of a performer you were– you are; you’re selling it out there.”

Janel Parrish || dwts jive + shh! [lq » will update with hq updated]

Elliot Park || Look …

Elliot Park || Look …

Gabi Diamond || Very important question.

Gabi Diamond || Very important question.

Young & Hungry || Sorry to rush you …

Young & Hungry || You know what you need right now?

Hanna Marin || Now that she’s back– Alison– is it starting again?

Pretty Little Liars || I knew you’d tell him so I asked for his help.