Spencer Hastings || Don’t look at me …

Spencer Hastings || Don’t look at me …

Hanna Marin || Just play dumb.

Emily Fields || You’re the hardest to disappoint.

Hanna Marin || Have you apologized to her?

Alison DiLaurentis || Well, it worked, didn’t it?

Ezra Fitz & Spencer Hastings

I know that feeling.

Spencer Hastings

Doesn’t wanna talk about Aria & Ezra’s spectacular genital aim slips.

Pretty Little Liars || Short term memory loss or …?

Spencer Hastings || I can’t wait around for answers. I need to leave town now.

Aria Montgomery || Aria slipped and fell onto Ezra’s penis; or Ezra slipped and fell into Aria’s vagina. Someone (or both) slipped and had amazing aim with their genitals.